Lift and Escalator Inspection and Service Management


The inspection and services of lift, escalator and their components are pretty complicated. Service providers are facing various challenges from time to time, such as:

  • Management System:  Many work reply on Excel. Lack of an integrated system. Difficult for central management and sharing update data. Not easy to ensure the updating and accuracy of service maintenance data.
  • Schedule Email Notice: Lack of automatic inspection schedule notification system. Need to rely on certain manpower and resources to notify client, technician and engineer.
  • Fill In Inspection Data:  Technicians need to fill in hand-written form, then pass to colleagues to input data to the system for engineers to review, follow up and approve.
  • Upload Report to EMSD: Rely on considerable manpower to prepare and upload inspection report to the EMSD e-Platform. And follow up the XML examination report programme.

Lift Inspection Management System (LIMS)


  • Improve Operation and Management Efficiency: Store complete inspection and maintenance service data in an integrated system. Easy for follow-up and manage. Immediately improves operation and management efficiency.
  • Automatic Email Notification: System will send email notice automatically with service scheduling details to client, technician and engineer. Saving considerable time and manpower resources.
  • Input Inspection Data via Mobile/Tablet: Inspection data can be input directly with mobile phone or tablet. This saves massive manual input work, duplicate input and largely minimize human error. 
  • Upload Report to EMSD: LIMS will have inspection data ready for direct uploading to the EMSD e-platform. It will also provide XML source for importing to the EMSD Exam Report software.
  • Automatically Update the New Expiry Date : LIMS will update the new expiry date automatically to facilitate new expiry inspection and easy follow up. 
LIMS system design is especially aimed at the requirements of the industry and the HKSAR government, which can immediately improve the efficiency of operation and management. The initial setup of the system can be completed within two to three months, and now we have launched a special monthly fee discount plan* so that you can realize the return on investment immediately.
Please feel free to contact us at 2777 9378, or visit the LIMS info for initial information.

* Customers who choose the monthly fee discount plan need to sign a 24-month contract. The monthly discounted plan does not include initial system setup costs.