Smart Production Control System (SPCS)

Smart Production Control System (SPCS) is produced by our R&D team with years of practical experience in manufacturing workshops. We have an in-depth understanding of the most headaches and waste of money and resource for enterprises; SPCS integrates various technologies, including network and cloud technologies and instant messaging, to strengthen and optimize the user experience and assist users to improve production management. The system supports: a) orders management, b) resource utilization, c) production planning and scheduling, d) reporting jobs and quality control, e) production management, and d) analytic reports. Assist managers to easily realize real-time control of the production progress and status of the entire workshop, improve operational efficiency and improve profitability.

Manufacturing Management System (MMS)

MMS is a set of ERP management systems for production, which drives the company to reduce production costs, to improve production efficiency, and to enhance competitiveness. The entire solution is web-based and combines mobile technology (Android) to build a next-generation management platform that supports production operations. MMS not only allows the management of the enterprise to grasp the actual status in real-time but also provides comprehensive management and support for the company, including a) generate job orders from quotation, order processing, customer approval, order confirmation through order management, b) overall planning, production scheduling through resources capacity management, c) preparation, issuing, reservation and purchase of materials through procurement and inventory management, d) job report, quality control and delivery through shop floor management, and e) accounting.