MMS is a set of ERP management systems for production, which drives the company to reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, and enhance competitiveness. The entire solution is web-based and combines mobile technology (Android) to build a next-generation management platform that supports production operations. MMS not only allows the management of the enterprise to grasp the actual status in real-time but also provides comprehensive management and support for the company, including a) generating job orders from quotation, order processing, customer approval, order confirmation through order management, b) overall planning, production scheduling through resources capacity management, c) preparation, issuing, reservation and purchase of materials through procurement and inventory management, d) job report, quality control and delivery through shop floor management, and e) accounting.

award_big MMS was awarded the Special Mention (Business Support Solution) of Best SME Information and Communications Technology (Product) Award at the 2013 Hong Kong ICT Awards.


  • Reduce costs – control excessive and unnecessary purchases, reduce excess materials, reduce rework and quality issues, monitor real-time conditions in factory.
  • Improve efficiency – improve the use of production resources, coordinate production scheduling effectively, balance production line planning, and implement lean production
  • Improve customer satisfaction – on-time delivery, high-quality product, reasonable price, providing instant and complete progress inquiry
  • Establish effective operations – paperless, accurate data updates to grasp production and operation progress in real-time

Why Choose Us/2Fi MMS?

An excellent ERP system may be able to meet the basic operational needs of different industries, but it does not guarantee the successful implementation of ERP. The implementation methods and processes, the people involved during implementation, and the coordination among processes, people, and the system are also important for a successful ERP implementation.

Many failure examples are because the implementation is focussing only on functions, data, installation, and training while ignoring business process issues, coordination between departments and employees, and how to adjust ERP to match the cooperation between business processes and employees.

We believe that the critical factors for successful ERP implementation are:

  1. Enterprise management support
  2. Coordination among business processes, people and the system
  3. Follow-up training, and
  4. ERP system improvement services after implementation

In order to maintain our goal of 100% successful implementation of ERP, 2Fi consultants are committed to doing the following for our clients:

Management support

Management support plays a very important role in implementing ERP. 2Fi consultants will fully communicate with the management staff to assist them in assessing and identifying the needs and implementation scopes, such as reviews of resources, investments, processes, and schedules required for implementation. So that our clients can clearly understand the potential risks and expected benefits of successful ERP implementation. With management’s consent, the 2Fi consultant will also assist the client in organizing the project team.

Coordination among enterprise systems, people and business processes

In order to establish the future ideal and actual operating models, 2Fi consultants will first understand the existing business processes, analysis for any improvement needs and evaluate any coordination issues between personnel and departments. After the assessment, 2Fi consultants will provide suggestions for ideal and practical business processes, personnel and departmental job functions and role arrangements, and system modifications for management approval. Once the new plan has reached the consensus of the management and the implementation team, we will use this plan as a blueprint and deploy related work to implement a highly effective ERP solution.

Follow-up training

2Fi consultants will provide comprehensive and detailed training, in addition to application demonstration to the management and employees at all levels, the 2Fi implementation team will also provide workshop follow-up.

2Fi consultants will come to the workshop to observe and follow up on the implementation and use of ERP. The purpose is to ensure the smooth operation of the new process, good coordination between employees, effective and correct use of the system by employees, immediate correction of problems, and address any issues or questions encounter during the implementation period.

System improvement services after implementation

Based on our experiences, many customers will require upgrading the system after implementing ERP for a period of time. This requirement may originate from customers, changes in the market, or some regulatory requirements.

2Fi attaches great importance to system improvement and is committed to making ERP sustainable to bring the greatest value to our customers. Therefore, our contract for the monthly fee plan already includes the number of days to upgrade the service of the ERP system free of charge. The number of days will depend on the subscription period.

We believe that this method can effectively, comprehensively, and successfully implement ERP. This approach allows 2Fi’s Manufacturing Management System to fully meet the customer’s business and operational needs, and provide our customers with the most complete services and the greatest benefits. To achieve the goal of reducing production costs, increasing productivity and profitability, and maintaining leading competitiveness.