About SPCS

Smart Production Control System (SPCS) is the core module of the Manufacturing Management System (MMS). SPCS integrates various technologies, including network and cloud technologies and instant messaging, to strengthen and optimize the user experience and assist users to improve production management. The system supports: a) orders management, b) resource utilization, c) production planning and scheduling, d) reporting jobs and quality control, e) production management, and d) analytic reports. 

SPCS can record production data and provide real-time information so that managers can monitor the real-time production status in the system effectively. The usage of the latest technologies reduces manual input processes, improves operational efficiency, and increases production capacity and profitability for industries.

Challenges Encountered During Production

Three major categories of challenges that manufacturing industries face are: 1) scheduling problems, 2) production problems, and 3) lack of real-time information.

Scheduling problems

  • Poor production planning and scheduling
  • Idle time in machine and production line
  • Unnecessary overtime

Production problems

  • Machine set up timeout
  • Substandard performance
  • Defective products exceeded standards
  • Re-work
  • Over-production

Lack of real-time information

  • Lack of transparency in production processes
  • Machine downtime/pending too much

Our team expertized in the industry field for more than 30 years, we know that manufacturers are helpless in the face of the above challenges. Even with the use of ERP systems, improvement in management is not significant. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable management system that focuses on handling common management problems to achieve rapid improvement and production effectiveness. SPCS is a system developed for production management to improve the above three major challenges.


SPCS focuses on production management, from the processes of job order to finished product,  especially focuses on shop floor control and management. 

With the integration of the latest technologies, such as network and cloud technologies, instant messaging, mobile technology, etc, SPCS can strengthen and optimize the user experience and assist users to improve the management of production processes.

  1. Production Management and Real-Time Information
  • Process management from job order to finished product
  • Dashboard reflects real-time production status
  • Immediate reflection and warning on sudden/ unsatisfactory performance to the supervisor-level for follow-up
  • Instant support to reduce unnecessary waiting time

2. Schedule Management

  • Smart production planning and scheduling
  • Smart resources allocation and utilization
  • Reduce unnecessary waste (machinery, working hours)

3. Data Visualization

  • Simple dashboard, which directly reflects the production status
  • Simple diagrams for quick comprehension of real-time information
  • Analytic reports to help users grasp the real situation
  • Clear information to enhance decision making

4. Compatible with Android platform

  • User-friendly system
  • Stay informed

Production Workflow

Settings and Job Order Management

  • Input basic information, such as: customer name, product type and name, resource information, etc.
  • Improve job order management data and process flow

Job Planning and Scheduling

  • A confirmed job order is scheduled for production based on the delivery date and available resources. Users can also assign resources to the related jobs. 

Production Management

  • Shop Floor Functions Support: mainly focus on shop floor operations, including resources assignment and “Set Up / Ready” to start production “
  • Real-Time Support: Users can click the “pause” or “help” function to send text or voice messages to the supervisor for any sudden, quality problems or other abnormal situations during the production process.
  • App: Android app is available for users to report jobs or seek help via tablet or mobile phone.

Production Control and Management

  • Summary: Daily and Weekly Delivered Orders Summary, shows: the total quantity required for each operation, the total quantity completed, and the total outstanding quantity.
  • Digital Dashboard: Confirmed job orders will be displayed on the dashboard, the production status and resources usage of each process of the job order is clear at a glance, 
  • Digital Whiteboard: The digital whiteboard will display and analyze the reported production data to help persons in charge grasp the production and quality standards in real-time.
  • 7 Production Reports: The system can automatically generate analytical reports based on production-related records, generated during the production process, eliminating the need for manual input and collation.